Three Peaks Health is a clinic that believes in achieving the best quality rehabilitation in one location to facilitate quick and effective results for you. Our client-centered, team approach to your care ensures that you are being treated by the right experts at the right time. Our health professionals are highly qualified to help you achieve your specific goals for pain relief, performance enhancement, or just living your life to its fullest potential.

At Three Peaks Health, you get all your healthcare experts in one place. We provide the following services:

Here at Three Peaks Health, we are happy to provide a complete health clinic designed to facilitate you a faster recovery and better overall performance. Don’t wait, achieve your “peak health”!


We don’t just treat athletes. We provide Physiotherapy to all individuals with all types of lifestyles who want to be more active in their abilities. The focus of our Physiotherapists is to listen to you and provide you with the highest quality of treatments to help you. We make you an active partner in your healing process by making sure that you better understand the dynamics of your injury. We do not rush from patient to patient. Physiotherapy appointments at Three Peaks Health are 30 minutes long to ensure sufficient time is given to treat your pain and also make sure that you become educated you in your personal rehabilitation process. Your treatments are always one on one in our comfortable and well equipped health clinic.

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Our Chiropractic philosophy leans toward a more modern approach than most typical Chiropractic styles. While using classic Chiropractic techniques, we include evidence-based assessments and treatment techniques to determine the root of your physical problems. Gaining a strong understanding of the specifics of your injury will lead to a much more effective and efficient treatment for that injury.

To maintain good health and take care of your body, do not allow yourself to ignore aches and pains. If you think the pain will eventually go away by ignoring it, you need to know that by doing so, you actually can be worsening the problem. You can change your habits with the help of our Chiropractor. You can still do something to improve your limitations and Chiropractic care really can help you with that.

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RMT Vancouver

Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy is a non-invasive, safe and effective form of health care. Whether you have a sports injury, are recovering from a motor vehicle accident, or you looking for a healthy way to deal with day-to-day stress and pain you are able to find relief from pain through attending Massage Therapy.

We offer competitive rates as well as senior and student discounts. Our staff provides outstanding care and attention to all of our Massage Therapy clients. We work as a team with your physician and other health care providers to ensure that you achieve the best recovery results possible.

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