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Three Peaks Health is a health and wellness clinic that believes in achieving the best quality rehabilitation in one location, facilitating quick and effective results. Our client-oriented approach ensures that you're being treated by the right experts at the right time. Our health professionals are highly qualified to help you achieve your specific goals for pain relief, performance enhancement or simply living your life to its fullest potential. Don't wait to achieve your peak health!

Our professional health services include:



Registered Massage Therapists


Fascial Stretch Therapists

Laser Therapy

Over 15 Years of Experience

Committed to continually achieving excellence in client-centered services that dramatically impact our clients transition from their current level of health, to a better quality of movement, overall performance and quality of life.


Health Tips


November 2016

Laser therapy – What is it. Why you should try it.

Laser Therapy is a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue to help accelerate the healing process. It can be used on patients who suffer from a variety of acute a … Read More


November 2016

Why you should you consider fascial stretch therapy

Life sometimes brings a full range of aches and pains, some of which can be so serious that they affect both the ability to move freely and quality of life. In an effort to help chronic pain sufferers … Read More


October 2016

What kinesiology can do for you

What can kinesiology do for you? Registered Kinesiologists are experts in preventing and managing injury and chronic disease, helping you to reach peak physical performance. Kinesiologists use evidenc … Read More


I have known Paul and Travis for years, and without fail they are always there to help out when someone is in need. They have great knowledgeable staff. If you need some rehab, Chiro, massage, stretching...give them a call.

- Jo-Ann Huber
Vancouver, BC

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