Who we are

Three Peaks Health is a health and wellness clinic that believes in achieving the best quality rehabilitation in one location, facilitating quick and effective results. Our client-oriented approach ensures that you're being treated by the right experts at the right time.

Our Vision

To be recognized as an Innovator and World Leader in the rapidly growing and changing industry of Physiotherapy, Active Rehabilitation, Flexibility and Movement Therapies, and Complementary Health Services. Committed to continually achieving excellence in client-centered services that dramatically impact our clients transition from their current level of health, to a better quality of movement, overall performance and quality of life.

Our Values

Our core value is to inspire, support, and encourage the health, fitness, and overall well-being of our clients and staff.

In living these values we will:

  1. Constantly learn, implement, and always improve both professionally and personally by seeking out and learning from top experts in each field.
  2. Be passionate, bring your best, and do good work EVERYDAY.
  3. Be a team: “WE” not just an individual “ME.”
  4. Be the expert; we value the different talents and convictions of our staff.
  5. Be professional.  Provide expert, high quality service to our clients and business partners.
  6. Ask and adapt quickly to change and specific needs.
  7. Strive to innovate through creativity and imagination.
  8. Respect the dignity and diversity of our staff and clients.
  9. Create an environment of trust.
  10. Be able to laugh, have fun, and have a sense of humor.
  11. Give back, both professionally and to the community.

Our professional health services include:



Registered Massage Therapists


Fascial Stretch Therapists

Laser Therapy