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Dr. Tyler H. Grewal BSc Kin, DC Chiropractor

A graduate of Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology where he was a member of the schools field lacrosse team as well as a graduate of the University of Western States with a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Biology where he was a member of the schools ice hockey team. Dr. Tyler has an extensive background in playing both hockey and lacrosse, as a member of the Port Coquitlam Saints Jr. A lacrosse team he sustained several injuries, this is where he first had experience with chiropractic care. After noticing significant improvement in his health and wellbeing he knew he wanted to provide services to help others like him.

Dr. Tyler is a graduate of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, where he studied motor vehicle accident; biomechanics, traumatology, treatment and accident reconstruction. His specialty is in treating and managing patients involved in motor vehicle collisions.

Dr. Tyler’s emphasis is not only to restore the health of his patients but to also prevent such injuries from occurring while promoting optimal health and wellness.

Jason Togeretz, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Jason is a graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. His focus is on helping individuals move better and perform in life and in sport. Jason’s goal is to bring your body in to balance by focusing on the body as a whole and not only the areas of pain. He preference is to use a combination of Deep Tissue Massage and Fascial Release Massage techniques.
In his free time you can find him spending time with his wife and newborn son or out competing in Hockey and Soccer.

Jason Togeretz, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
Tom Turner – Vancouver College of Massage Therapy Graduate

Tom Turner – Vancouver College of Massage Therapy Graduate

(Fully Certified Registered Massage Therapist) Diploma of Kinesiology, Fascial Stretch Therapy-Level II, Soft Tissue Release

From a very young age, Tom was always involved in sports and this passion continued throughout high school. He competed in numerous high level sports including Track & Field, Baseball, Volleyball, and Basketball, with a high focus on Elite Level Soccer. By his late teens, Tom had developed into one of the top players in BC for his age group and even had tryouts with the 1998 Canadian Olympic Team. It wasn’t until after high school, after undergoing two knee surgeries, that his keen interest in Kinesiology and Massage therapy surfaced.

Ann and Chris Fredricks, Creators of FST have been his greatest mentors. They opened his eyes and mind to the vast possibilities of Fascial Stretching and how it can aid in speeding recovery and preventing injury.

Tom considers it a great fortune growing up in a family with both a sister and uncle with disabilities. His older sister was born with complications and suffered brain injuries at birth which caused mental disabilities, and his uncle who was born with Spina Bifida. Unfortunately his uncle passed away from cancer in 1998, but he was a daily inspiration; even if others saw him as having a disability, he accomplished more than most people would. Tom’s older sister inspires him as well- she lives a very active and fulfilled life, even after doctors told her she would never be able to walk. His greatest inspiration today is his son Dean who was born with Spina Bifida as well. These influences drive Tom to provide a better, healthier life for his family and to become a better therapist so that he may help him live an extraordinary life.

Tom feels that his true gift with clients are his hands and intuition as a therapist. He feels an uncanny way of intuitively feeling what is wrong in respect to the body alignments and overall balance. His preference is to use a combination of Deep Tissue Massage and Fascial Release Massage and Fascial Stretching techniques during treatments.

Travis Braich

B.Kin., BCAK Practicing Kinesiologist, Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist (Medical Track)

Travis joined Three Peaks Health in 2005 shorty after graduating with a Bachelors of Kinesiology from the University of Fraser Valley.

Travis is one of B.C.’s top Certified Fascial Stretch Specialists (CFSS, Medical Track) having completed all three levels Fascial Stretch Therapy from the Stretch To Win Institute in Arizona.

Travis also holds certifications in Active Isolated Stretch, Micro- Stretching and Soft Tissue Release.

Travis has considerable experience working with patients who experience back pain, knee pain, neck pain and chronic pain resulting from repetitive strain injuries, motor vehicle accidents, surgeries and athletic injuries.

Travis has worked with a full spectrum of clients over the years from professional hockey players (NHL & AHL), CFL football players, youth athletes in a variety of sports, elite dancers and fine arts performers.

Travis’ goal is to help clients reduce their pain and improve their movement as quickly as possible.

Outside of work, Travis spends his time playing softball, basketball, hockey and golf. You may also see him walking or playing with his dog at the dog park.

Kinesiologist in Langley B.C.
Paul Turner, Founder of Three Peak Health Clinic

Paul Turner – Founder of Three Peaks Health

I have been able to take my life experiences and turn them into something extremely amazing and successful. These things keep me motivated to guide people to faster recoveries and new levels in their lives. From elite athlete to Chronic Pain client, I want to assist others to achieve success and find a new peak in their life no matter their situation. This is why I do what I do, because I love it.

Read Paul’s full profile here

Samantha Jamieson

Bachelor of Kinesiology, BCAK Practicing Kinesiologist, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist level 1

Samantha graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley in 2013 and came to Three Peaks shorty thereafter. She has completed her level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapy Certification with Stretch to win in Phoenix Arizona. She has also been under advanced internal training with Paul and Travis to enhance her kinesiology skills .

Samantha Jamieson, BCAK Practicing Kinesiologist
Chris Boyko – Personal Trainer

Chris Boyko – Personal Training

Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 2

Chris has a huge interest in human Performance and Recovery. Helping athletes and regular individuals move better and perform better is his goal. Chris is currently the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the BC lions. Working with top athletes and helping them prepare for intense play and helping them recovery to return to play after injuries has given Chris a greater understanding to work with all individual to help them recover or perform at peak levels.

Chris is currently a level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist at our clinic, he is combining these skills with his personal training techniques to help individuals to moving freely with out pain and increase their performance level in sport and in life. Come see how he can help you.

When Chris is not in the clinic he can be found working at the BC Lions practice field, training with the Langley Mustang Track team, working on his own running, at a cross fit box finishing a WOD of his own, or hanging out with his two talented daughters and his wonderful wife. Chris thrives at being leader in his community, and giving back in many amazing ways through his dedication to God and the work he does with his church.

Jodhpreet Singh


Jodhpreet graduated in Punjab, India in 2009 from Baba Farid University. After a few years of working in a hospital there, he was quickly promoted to the position of supervising physiotherapist. He then immigrated to Canada in 2012 and completed a Canadian Healthcare Content Course at University of Toronto. He then finished his IEP program from UBC in 2014 and wrote the Canadian Physiotherapy National Exam. Because of the fact that he is fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi, Jodhpreet brings language options for many clients. He is interested in treating people with orthopedic and sports injuries by focusing on a manual (hands on) treatment approach along with individualized exercise prescription.


In Jodhpreet enjoys practicing cricket, meditation, yoga, and badminton in his free time.


Jessie Deutsch


Jessie has worked as a Physiotherapist for 9 years. She has experience treating a variety of orthopedic conditions including motor vehicle accidents, overuse, sports, arthritis, post-surgery and everyday life. Jessie uses client-centred therapy plans to best treat each injury. Her treatment is hands-on and uses individualized exercise programs when needed. Jessie is also trained in Acupuncture.

Jessie graduated from the University of British Columbia’s Master’s of Physical Therapy program in 2007. Before that she studied Kinesiology at UBC. While completing her Bachelor’s Degree she played for the UBC Women’s Basketball team and won a National Championship in 2004. After her basketball career, Jessie played for Canada’s National Netball team for 7 years and retired in 2015.

Jessie volunteers Physiotherapy and First Aid services at high school and college sporting events. Her favourite thing to do is to spend time with her husband, 2 children and her Jack Russell Terrier. She enjoys running, hiking, playing basketball and netball in her spare time.

Ulla Papp

Registered Therapeutic Counselor

I am a registered Sports and Therapeutic counselor graduated from the Clearmind institute, Vancouver BC.

I offer private counselling services for anxiety, depression,
lack of self-confidence , eating disorders, relationship problems, trauma and dysfunctional family issues.

Teens and young adults are especially close to my heart as well as women’s issues and relationship problems.

I have also studied Sport psychology at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland and have a Masters degree in Sports sciences.
I have strong background in Sports. Last February I was invited by Finlands Olympic committee to Spain, Granada to work as a mental coach at the Winter Universiades. I’m used to working with athletes suffering from competition anxiety, underperforming in competitions, lack of motivation, eating disorders, pressure from the coaches and other team members involved in the life of athletes.

I will help you to be more aware of your life and the possibilities that lie inside of you. You will find more confidence and reassurance in your life path!

“Only you can define yourself”

Link to my interview at the Global news 2015

Diana Watt

RMT, B. Ed.


  • Has been working in Williams Lake, BC
  • Previously an elementary and secondary school teacher for over 10 years.
  • Has an extensive background in physical fitness- varsity soccer and currently a triathlete


  • Graduated with Honours and on the Dean’s List, from Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario
  • Former Volunteer for the Auto Extraction Team, Swift Water Rescue and Land Search and Rescue Initial Response Team
  • Certified first aid, CPR C, AED, wildland firefighting, spin class instructor and International Sports Sciences Association personal training certification


Diana has had an eclectic history! She has worked as an elementary and high school teacher in BC and in multiple international locations for over 10 years, has experience in various manual labor fields from construction to forest fire fighting. During her Williams Lake teaching of five years she carried a pager for not only Search and Rescue’s many teams. This diverse background adds to the skills that she brings to our team. She is well acquainted with the physical stress we demand from our bodies and minds with work and sports.

Jessica Baker

Kinesiologist, BKin, FST1


  • Graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley
  • Good standing with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologist-Personal Training


  • Certified in a multitude of therapies and techniques including Soft Tissue Release, Fascial Stretch Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching
  • Certified personal trainer and first aid attendant

Specializes & Other Facts:

  • Specializes in manual therapies and stretching techniques
  • Competed in high school rugby and recreational fastpitch
  • In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband and her daughter hiking