Why you should you consider fascial stretch therapy

Paul Turner, Founder

Life sometimes brings a full range of aches and pains, some of which can be so serious that they affect both the ability to move freely and quality of life. In an effort to help chronic pain sufferers, new techniques like fascial stretch therapy have been developed. Fascia refers to fibrous connecting tissue, more specifically the connective tissue which covers … Read More

When you should consider a seeing chiropractor

When your body’s in pain, it’s telling you that it’s time to seek treatment and diagnosis of your symptoms. Options include physical medicine, chiropractic care, and massage therapy. How do you determine what the best course of action is? If you’re favouring an all-natural approach to treatment and recovery, you might consider a chiropractic adjustment. It facilitates healing in regards to … Read More

Stretching: The Truth

Stretching to loosen muscles, Fact or Fiction by Langley Chiropractor at 3PK Health Clinic

I have patients come in to me daily and tell me: “I know I don’t stretch enough.”  I tend to get a bit confused and ask if they have been seeing someone who has prescribed stretching exercises.  Most of them tell me “no” or that they were given stretches years ago that helped with their problem and they haven’t kept it up.  The … Read More

Why Chiropractic is important for the maintenance of health

Human back with visible pain by Langley 3PK Health Clinic Chiropractor

I find it interesting where our priorities lay. If you asked people to rank the priority of their overall health, they would rate it quite high on their scale. However, when it comes down to time, it is the first thing that people tend to cut out. People tend to take better care of their cars, their homes, their pets … Read More