Seeing a physiotherapist pre and post sporting activity

ICBC Rehabilitation Vancouver

Modern lifestyle – with all its perks and benefits –takes a toll on our bodies. Back pain, knee pain, and neck strains have become everyday problems. People use over-the-counter ointments, oils, pain killers and sometimes even massages for such problems. However, seeing a physiotherapist doesn’t cross anyone’s minds till things are so bad that they are actually referred to one by their doctor.
Physiotherapists are trained professionals who help their injured patients get back to the highest possible range of movement. Whether you sustained a severe injury playing sports or sprained your neck while sleeping; physiotherapists can help you in both situations.  Though all small sprains and aches do not need an appointment with a physiotherapist, here are some reasons why you may require one.
If you are an athlete or even someone who is simply active, you understand the importance of taking care of yourself especially when you are injured. You need expert advice from a physiotherapist to give yourself a better chance at recovery and getting back to the state you were before you sustained your injury. If your pain persists more than a few days and affects your ability to perform day-to-day actions, you need to see a physiotherapist so he/she can identify your problem and come up with a treatment plan. If this is a recurring pain that occurs frequently after specific actions, then you must see a doctor immediately.
If you decide to start up a new activity or sport and have a history of recurring injury, a physiotherapist can guide you slowly into your new activity. Physiotherapists are helpful even when you are not actively experiencing pain. Keeping your history in mind, they can advise you how best you can start up with the new sport or activity you have chosen.
Having access to a physiotherapist is one of the best ways to speed up your recovery and get your body back to normal. However, it isn’t an easy road. It takes hard work. Nevertheless, after all the effort and pain, you will begin regaining your flexibility and mobility. And somewhere along your therapy sessions, your pain will reduce and eventually disappear. So, while physiotherapy is not an easy option, it is the best one for newly incurred sport injuries or nagging ones. It’s easy enough to find a physiotherapist. Ask your friends and family for referrals so you know beforehand what to expect. Just make sure you only see a registered physiotherapist.