Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics and anatomy of human movement. A Practicing Kinesiologist (member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists or BCAK) uses theprinciples of physics and knowledge of biomechanics to improve performance and function of individual clients.

At Three Peaks Health, this is accomplished through Active Rehabilitation and Fascial Stretch Therapy. Visit our Kinesiology clinic in Langley, BC today!

ICBC Active Rehabilitation

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Active Rehabilitation for Sports Injuries
Kinesiology for increased performance

**PLEASE NOTE: If you have an open ICBC Claim it is absolutely mandatory that you inform us of this upon booking. If you wish to proceed with a session prior to adjustor approval, you will be responsible for covering the cost of treatment.



Our Kinesiologist will obtain your health history, perform a movement assessment and then perform special tests (like muscle strength testing) to determine an individual’s starting level of fitness and function. A program to restore proper body movement, increase strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and durability is then created.

Your First Kinesiology Visit

Our Kinesiologist will begin by asking you questions about your health, your history and what you want to achieve with your sessions. Once your assessment begins, our Kinesiologist will monitor your muscles in order to determine what kind of approach your body will benefit from most. The majority of issues can be resolved fairly quickly and easily although you may find that you can benefit from having 'maintenance' sessions, which will help keep your body health consistent, while also reducing stress.

Maintaining Your Functionally Efficient Body Movement

Our Kinesiologist will prescribe exercises that compliment the exercises given by other practitioners. Under expert supervision, clients will learn how to move their body properly. Postural and muscle imbalances are corrected, improving strength and increasing fitness. The goal is to achieve a healthy, functionally efficient body movement that will promote reduced recovery time and lower your risk of re-injury.


Kinesiology Rates