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Don't suffer needlessly anymore, from sports injuries to rehabilitation, call 604.265.4933 to book your initial assessment or use our online booking form. We look forward to working with you to help you “Move Better and Recover Faster” with our physiotherapy clinic.

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Our Physiotherapy Clinic is here to help you reach your PEAK RECOVERY, PERFORMANCE AND PEAK HEALTH.

We don’t just treat athletes we treat all individuals who want to be more active in life. Our Teams Focus is to listen to you, to do the Highest quality treatments, to help you better understand your injury, and to make you an active partner in the healing process. Your Treatments are always One on One, in our comfortable well equipped Clinic space, we do not rush from Patient to Patient during a sessions it is your time. All appointments with Our Physiotherapists are 30 minutes to properly give time to treat and instruct you in your rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy Vancouver

Physiotherapy Vancouver


A Comprehensive Musculo-Skeletal Assessments will be performed.  This will help us determine a starting point and recommend the best action steps for your treatment.


Proper interventions dramatically impact your Pain Prevention, and Sport or Functional Performance. The pillars that form the foundation of your success are: Hands On Treatments, along with proper education about your injuries , Training you in Appropriate exercises that continue to challenge you as you progress, and Using our knowledge of when to use modalities and other aids to help speed your healing.

The Goal is to create Quick Lasting Results for you, focusing on your specific issues using our clinical expertise and experience to help resolve your specific issue.

Physiotherapy Clinic Rates

  • Initial Assessment: $115
  • 30 Minute Follow Up: $85
  • One Hour Follow Up: $160
  • ICBC Initial Assessment: $65 (Co-Pay)
  • ICBC Follow Up: $45 (Co-Pay)

Our Physiotherapists

Johdpreet Singh, a Registered Physiotherapist is on the Three Peaks Health team and would be happy to assist you in your treatment.

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Physiotherapy Vancouver