Rob Francis is a qualified physiotherapist who graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2007. He’s also well versed in acupuncture and dry needling, with experience since 2010. He has worked in NHS, specializing as a senior PT in trauma orthopaedics (multi trauma) for 6 years prior to working in private orthopaedic hospitals, specializing in pre and post surgical musculo-skeletal MSK physiotherapy. He works on all aspects of physiotherapy practice but has a special interest in knee recovery. He is a hands on practitioner with a strong belief in the combination of PT hands with exercise prescription, through patient empowerment and knowledge of their condition.

When Rob is not working in the public and private physio arena, he enjoys spending time with his 2 young girls and his wife. He is a skier, boarder, kayaker, boater, MT biker, spinner and gym goer. He is learning to be more Canadian by trying skating. When not doing these things he can be found talking about or watching his beloved Manchester City football team who he has supported since long before they became good.