I am a registered Sports and Therapeutic counselor graduated from the Clearmind institute, Vancouver BC.

I offer private counselling services for anxiety, depression,
lack of self-confidence , eating disorders, relationship problems, trauma and dysfunctional family issues.

Teens and young adults are especially close to my heart as well as women’s issues and relationship problems.

I have also studied Sport psychology at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland and have a Masters degree in Sports sciences.
I have strong background in Sports. Last February I was invited by Finlands Olympic committee to Spain, Granada to work as a mental coach at the Winter Universiades. I’m used to working with athletes suffering from competition anxiety, underperforming in competitions, lack of motivation, eating disorders, pressure from the coaches and other team members involved in the life of athletes.

I will help you to be more aware of your life and the possibilities that lie inside of you. You will find more confidence and reassurance in your life path!

“Only you can define yourself”

Link to my interview at the Global news 2015