What kinesiology can do for you


What can kinesiology do for you?
Registered Kinesiologists are experts in preventing and managing injury and chronic disease, helping you to reach peak physical performance.
Kinesiologists use evidence-based research to develop programs for people, helping them get fit, stay fit and perform at their optimum level. They focus on prevention and wellbeing, increasing worker productivity and reducing time lost to injuries and accidents, helping you get back to work and back to health faster.
Kinesiology aims to remove any blockages that might be preventing your body from healing and functioning at an optimal level. The word kinesiology actually means ‘the study of human movement’.
It’s important to remember that your body wants to be well. So if you are unwell, your body is literally in dis-ease. Kinesiology helps to restore this balance and ease back to your body.
Kinesiology is very effective but it’s not magic. It doesn’t fix issues in one session. Some clients start to feel progress after just a few sessions while others take longer to experience positive results. Monthly tune-ups are a great way to prevent stress from building back up. Really, it all depends on how the patient feels.
Biomechanics is tied deeply in the practice of kinesiology. Biomechanics is the study of how the systems and structures of biological organisms, from the smallest plants to the largest animals, react to various forces and external stimuli. In humans, biomechanics often refers to the study of how the skeletal and musculature systems work under different conditions.
Some of the more common concerns kinesiologists assist with are: lack of energy and sleep, hormonal imbalance, skin concerns, digestive problems, emotional difficulties, pain or tension in the body, infertility, stress and anxiety.
If you’re considering a kinesiology session, contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.