Why Chiropractic is important for the maintenance of health

Human back with visible pain by Langley 3PK Health Clinic Chiropractor

Human back with a visible pain
I find it interesting where our priorities lay. If you asked people to rank the priority of their overall health, they would rate it quite high on their scale. However, when it comes down to time, it is the first thing that people tend to cut out. People tend to take better care of their cars, their homes, their pets than they do themselves.
People schedule regular maintenance of their homes and cars, why not spend a few minutes every month taking care of your body?
It is amazing how big a difference it can make to spend a few minutes taking care of your own body. A few simple adjustments can help to minimize joint restrictions and help you move better.
How an adjustment works is quite simple. Over time, the joints in your body can settle and become stuck restricting range of motion. These joints can settle and be painless for periods of time, but as more joints become stuck, your body compensates by changing the way it moves. There is usually one event somewhere down the road where your you feel something “go out.” Most people attribute their pain to this one event, however it is more likely that this event is the “straw that broke the camel’s back!”
When you are in pain, adjustments can help by freeing up restricted joints and reducing pressure on pain sensitive structures. I tend to tell patients who walk in with pain that I should have seen them the day before their pain started with the hopes of preventing “the incident!”
I, Dr. Mark Malowney a Langley Chiropractor with 3PK Health Clinic, highly recommend taking a few minutes for yourself and take care of your body! Get adjusted regularly!