Instructor Bio's

Alenna Langhorst

Alenna is a wonderful complement to our team. Her passionate love for movement and well-being is communicated in her offerings. She has a mindful wholistic approach assisting students to connect with their breath, mind and body. Her training in yoga therapeutics, pilates, pain care and AIS (Activated Isolated Stretching) offer variety and space for self-discovery in her classes. Each class is filled with elements of alignment, strength, flexibility in body and mind leaving students with a sense of overall well-being.

  • 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training
  • 300-hour Therapeutic Yoga training, including an internship at Diane Lee & Assoc. Physiotherapy clinic.
  • 300-hour in Pain Care with Neil Pearson, (physiotherapist, yoga therapist and clinical assistant professor)
  • 20-hour yoga therapy with Judith Lasater (yoga therapist, physical therapist and co-founder of Yoga Journal)
  • 20-hour of yin teacher training.
  • Level one AIS (Activated Isolated Stretching)

Anuschka Brhelle

Anuschka has been practicing yoga since 2004, and teaching since 2011. She practices various styles of yoga: Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Bikram yoga, and combines elements of all in her teaching.  She is very focused on alignment (partly influenced by her profession as a chiropractor) and practicing safely while staying playful and increasing strength and flexibility.

Anuschka has a fun-loving and warm-hearted approach to teaching yoga. Her teaching style was partly shaped by workshops with Noah Mazé, from whom she takes an occasionally fiery approach to classes, and Christina Sell, whose style of “finding depth in the basics” and “making the easy poses hard” she thoroughly enjoys. You will find elements of both in her teaching, as well as in-depth alignment cues informed by her profession.

Bachanjeet Singh

Bachanjeet is a father of 4 that is blessed to live in a blended family.  He is a conscientious human being that absolutely loves life.  His greatest joy is witnessing peoples’ success stories.  He is genuinely kind and choses to express himself wholeheartedly.  He is passionate about yoga and meditation and wishes to share the teachings.

Colleen Romano

Colleen started practicing yoga to help still the fluctuations of her mind; she was looking for something that was good for her body and helped soften the anxiety of everyday life. After her first class she was overwhelmed with how great it felt both physically and emotionally. She was hooked, to say the least. Not long after starting yoga, she built an at home yoga practice, and enrolled in a yoga teacher training.

Participating in a yoga class with Colleen will feel good in your body. She takes time to thoughtfully prepare every yoga class and is committed to help you feel energized, accepted, supported and at peace by the end of the class. "Yoga is one of the major loves of my life and I want to share that love with anyone who will listen."

Colleen has passionately been practicing yoga since 2014 and became a Certified Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance in December of 2017.

 "I have explored many styles of yoga, studios and teachers.  I fell in love with the history and philosophy of yoga and the calm and mindful life it has brought me.  And that is what I hope to bring to my students"    

Kalena Kavanaugh

Kalena’s love of Yoga and belief that every “body" can benefit from Yoga, shines through in her genuine connection with each student as she guides them through their practice.

As a Yogi who discovered the practice of Yoga later in life, she encourages everyone to enjoy the benefits that Yoga brings - building strength & flexibility in the body, while releasing stress and calming the mind.

Kalena’s training ensures each student is guided in a fun, safe and informative practice.

  • 200-hour Raja Yoga Teacher Training
  • 30- hour Teaching Through Touch - Body Alignment
  • 40- hour Restorative Practice

Kari Barnett

Kari believes in movement of the body to maintain health and enjoy life.  It is her intent to share her passion through her classes, which are based largely on alignment and increasing function.  Yoga is important to her as it provides the opportunity for her to connect fully with her mind and body, and become grounded and remove herself from the rush and struggles of daily life.

Building on her degree in Kinesiology, Kari attended many yoga conferences and was influenced strongly by the teachings of Ryan Leier, Pradeep Teotia, and Ashtanga teachings. After 11 years of practice, she focused on her Anusara yoga training in 2017 under the direction of Todd Inouye.

Kari believes in a challenging yoga practice for the whole self, with integration of Yoga philosophy to serve you in your practice and daily life.  She often will provide physical adjustments in class.  Kari hopes that students leave her classes feeling physically challenged, and mentally rested as you work together to experience a sense of peace and contentment.

Lindsay Harris

Lindsay took her first yoga class in high school, but she didn’t get hooked until a couple years ago when she noticed how much it positively affected her daily life.  A couple of years ago she decided to take a 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training at an ashram in India and it ended up pushing her in a whole new direction.  Afterwards, she taught yoga for the next several months throughout southeast Asia.  She wanted to continue her yoga journey, so she started a 1000-hour Yoga Therapy training program last summer.  Lindsay had low-back pain on and off for the past 6 years and it was not until she started doing Yoga Therapy that her back pain went away.  She is a Colorado native and she just moved to Vancouver.  Lindsay enjoys being a part of the yoga community wherever she teaches, and she is continually inspired by her yoga teachers and students.